10 Meditation Retreats In India To Discover Your True Self

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When was the last time you took out time to focus on your emotional wellness? 

Most of us don’t even realize how crucial a healthy mind is along with a healthy body. Since childhood, we are taught to focus on our physical health. And as we grow old, we completely ignore our mental well-being which actually controls our thinking, choices, and actions. 

With long working hours, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet, improper sleep & other psychological factors our mental wellness is severely impacted & we are mostly unaware of it.  

But as people are becoming more concerned about their emotional wellness, they are exploring ways to improve it. 

Taking a vacation gives you some self-time & a break from your monotonous routine. 

And what if your vacation can be spent to learn the powerful art of meditation? Won’t that be great?

Hence, we have come up with a solution – a meditation retreat. 

We have handpicked some of the top luxury retreats that are designed to restore your mental as well as physical health.

Read on to discover Certified Curious’s roundup of the best meditation retreats.

  1. Atmantan Wellness Resort
  2. SwaSwara Wellness Retreat
  3. Somatheeram Health Resort
  4. Vana Wellness Retreat
  5. Dharana Retreat
  6. Amanbagh
  7. Ananda in The Himalayas
  8. Carnoustie Wellness Resort 
  9. Niraamaya Wellness Retreat
  10. Naad Wellness

1. Atmantan Wellness Resort

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Google – 4.4/5 (932 reviews) Tripadvisor – 4.5/5 (333 reviews)

  • atmantan
  • atmantan wellness resort
  • atmantan resort

The Resort – Atmantan is one of the top-rated luxury wellness resorts in India. Situated in Mulshi, a beautiful hill station in Pune, it is an all-inclusive health resort. The luxurious rooms offer a spectacular view of the Mulshi lake & the lush green valley of Sahyadri hills, a UNESCO world heritage site.  

The resort is spread over 42 acres with 100+ guest rooms & villas to help you heal yourself completely. The serene natural beauty around this resort makes your vacation a special one!

The Retreat –  Atmantan’s Journey Through Yoga retreat will provide you with the true healing experience. The certified Yoga gurus will guide you towards the most-effective meditation practises as you experience its wonderful benefits.


You can opt for private meditation & yoga sessions that include –

  • Pranic Healing,
  • Chakra healing,
  • Deep hands massage, 
  • Foot reflexology,
  • Breathing exercises like Pranayama, 
  • Yogic Kriyas.

Retreat Packages – The retreat can be booked for 5, 7 & 10 nights stay. Price starts from 17,000/- per night.

Online Wellness Services – Atmantan also offers online services that include private yoga & fitness sessions. You can book a consultation session with a starting price of Rs. 2500/-

Go for –

  • Explore the scenic Tamhini Ghat on a scenic & refreshing road trip. 
  • Enjoy a mesmerising view of the majestic Mulshi lake that lies in the midst of Sahyadri hills.
  • Visiting Atmantan in the monsoon will offer you the best of Sahyadri’s green paradise.

Also Experience – 

  • Explore breathtaking waterfalls, historic forts, & dams around Mulshi.
  • Trekking, lake camping & migratory bird-watching are popular in the backwaters of various dams.

Location – Atmantan is 152 km far from Mumbai & can be reached easily by road. It is a three and a half hours drive away from Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. The distance from Pune international airport is 57 km & can be reached in 90 minutes by road. The distance is 57 km from Pune airport & is 90 minutes from the Pune International Airport. Google Maps

2. SwaSwara Wellness Retreat

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Google – 4.1 (684 reviews) Tripadvisor – 4.5/5 (121 reviews)

  • swasara wellness retreat
  • swasara resort

The Resort – SwaSara is a wellness resort in Gokarna, Karnataka. The charming beach-side resort offers Yoga & Ayurveda in their health packages. With 26 acres of green lawns and gardens, it hosts 24 villas & traditionally designed homesteads to accommodate guests. This is surely a perfect destination for beach-lovers & wellness-seekers. 

The Retreat – The guided meditation sessions complement the Pranayama & Shatkriya activities that work on your emotional & mental well-being. Practise Hatha yoga, that focuses on stretching asanas to build your physical strength & flexibility. If you wish personal attention by the Yoga masters, you can attend one-on-one private sessions.

Package – Guests get a detailed consultation by Yoga experts & comfortable yoga wear during the stay. Daily sessions of meditation, Pranayama & Yoga Nidra are conducted at Swasara. Price starts from 17,000 per night that includes activities like cooking & art therapy.

Go for – 

  • Beautifully crafted traditional homesteads that have a private courtyard garden.
  • Indulge in healthy cuisines that include fresh organic vegetables and fresh seafood along with the herbal teas and fresh fruits. 
  • The beautiful view of Gokarna beach gives a perfect look to the guests. 

Also Experience – 

  • The clean & calm Gokarna beach is easily accessible from the resort.
  •  Major attractions are Kudle, Half Moon & Paradise beach.
  • Watersport activities like surfing, scuba diving, snorkelling, parasailing, and jet skiing attract tourists in the post-monsoon months. 

Location – The Dabolim international airport, also known as Goa airport is the nearest one & the resort is a 150 km road drive from the airport. Mangalore international airport is 200 km far from Swasara & can be reached within a 4-hour drive by road. Google Maps


3. Somatheeram Health Resort

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Google – 4.0/5 (115 reviews) Tripadvidor – 4.5/5 (419 reviews)

  • somatheeram resort
  • somatheeram ayurveda resort
  • somatheeram retreat

The Resort – Somatheeram resides at the Malabar coast in Kerala, the birthplace of Ayurveda. The guests can stay at modern deluxe cottages & wooden houses that represent the traditional South Indian style. 

The Retreat – The oldest form of yoga – Hatha yoga is included in their stress management retreat. The meditation sessions are conducted in the vast yoga halls that offer the open sea view. The package is customized for beginners & advanced level & includes therapies to provide you with a soothing experience.

Package – Therapies like “Shirodhara” (pouring of warm oil onto the forehead), herbal steam baths, yoga, ayurvedic diet & daily doctor’s consultation are some of the retreat inclusions.

Price is 8,000 to 17,000 per day depending on the accommodation you choose. 

Go for – 

  • Somatheeram is a perfect beach-facing serene adobe that helps you leave behind the distraction of urban city chaos. 
  • More than 100 ayurvedic dishes along with regional and international dishes are offered as a part of the healthy cuisine. 

Also Experience –  

  • Poovar Island, Vizhinjam Lighthouse & the famous Kovalam beach are major attractions.
  • Watersport activities like surfing snorkelling, scuba diving, parasailing, and jet skiing can be enjoyed on this beach-town. 

Location – Somatheeram is located on the stunning Malabar beach in Kovalam town of  Thiruvananthapuram district. Travel distance from Thiruvananthapuram international airport is only 21 km & takes about 30 minutes of travel by road. Google Maps

Visit https://somatheeram.org/en/yoga-ayurveda/

4. Vana Wellness Retreat

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
  • vana retreat india
  • vana wellness

Google – 4.3/5 (53 reviews)

The Resort – Inaugurated in the year 2014, Vana blends international wellness standards with Indian hospitality. Amenities include private temperature-controlled pools, group & private meditation studios. More than 50 rooms & 16 suites are available that are customized for visiting guests. 

Situated on the renowned Mussoorie hills in Northern India, you enjoy the panoramic view of the Himalayan snow ranges in the northeast & the Doon valley & Shivalik ranges in the south. 

The Retreat – Learn yoga & meditation under the skilful guidance of Vana’s expert practitioners. Private & individual sessions are conducted to teach Dhyana Meditation, Pranayama & Yogasanas.

Package – Starting at Rs. 8000/- per night, a minimum of three nights booking is accepted. The retreat comprises of yoga, meditation, music sessions, private treatments & doctor’s consultations.

Go for – 

  • Experience the sweeping views of snowy mountains surrounded by the lush Shivalik foothills with a vast centuries-old Sal forest.
  • Sowa Rigpa, an ancient Tibetian medicine, is offered at Vana. The centuries-old treatment is emphasized on the holistic wellness of an individual. 

Also Experience – 

  • Vana is situated in Mussoorie, the Queen of Hills & is a nature lover’s paradise with a hub of hill stations. 
  • The summer & winters are favourable for hiking, mountain trek, camping, rappelling, skiing and paragliding. 
  • Experience river rafting on the Dhauliganga and Alaknanda rivers & shop stylish winter shawls & antiques in this hill station. 

Location – The nearest airport is Dehradun which is 30 km or an hour drive away from Vana. Delhi is the nearest international airport & it takes 5 hours of travel time to reach Vana by road.  Google Maps

Visit https://vana.co.in/the-offering/#offering-wellness

5. Dharana Retreat

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Google – 5/5 (15 reviews) Tripadvidsor – 5/5 ( 1 review)

  • dharana retreat

The Resort –  Spanning an area of 330 acres, Dharana has an extensive menu of 10+ wellness programs & is truly an epicentre of nature & peace. If you are looking for a healing escape, this is the one to choose!

The Retreat – The Resilience Retreat & Dharana Yogic Life are the two retreats focused on holistic healing of mind & body. Luxury accommodation, music therapy, modern treatments with western diagnosis methods, traditional “ksheeradhara”, “Shirodhara”, Yogasanas, Pranayama & meditation are included in the retreat. 

Different forms of meditation are practised at Dharana – 

  • Mindfulness – involves concentration practices to calm your mind 
  • Kundalini –  the dynamic form of meditation awakens the kundalini energy present at the base of the spine
  • Transcended – involves leaving distracting thoughts & gaining a state of self-awareness 
  • Tibetian bowl – A powerful tone is played using a bell that creates a relaxing & healing experience
  • Trataka – an ancient meditation practice to focus the eyes on a single object
  • Yoga Nidra – a powerful & easy form of meditation relaxing the entire mind & body

Package – The Dharana Yogic Life retreat can be reserved for 7, 14, 21 & 28 nights & the

Dharana Resilience Retreat is available for  5 & 7 nights. Price varies from 30,000 to 50,000 per night depending upon the villa accommodation & occupancy. 

Online services – Dharana offers online wellness services where wellness experts are available for a private consultation. You can book a consultation with a starting price of Rs. 2000/-. 

Go for – 

  • The villas at the highest point of the wellness centre offer the mesmerising view of Sahyadris mountains. 
  • Nearby attractions are centuries-old Maratha forts, exceptional waterfalls, trekking & lake-side camping. 

Location – Dharana is situated in Pune’s Shillim valley, far from the city chaos. Pune is the nearest international airport with 70 km distance & a 2 hours travel from Dharana. The Mumbai international airport is 120 km away from Dharana with 3 hours of travel time by road. Google Maps


6. Amanbagh 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Google – 4.5/5 (250 reviews) Tripadvisor – 5/5(261 reviews)

  • amanbagh resort

The Resort – Amanbagh resides in the pink city of Rajasthan that gives you a chance to live in a beautiful & huge palace-like resort. Mughal-inspired structures featuring dome-shaped ceilings, private courtyard, terrace, holistic wellness programs are some of the unique things you will be getting at this renowned getaway. 

The Retreat – 

Personalized meditation sessions, nutrition plan, fresh organic foods are included in Amanbagh’s Yoga & Mindfulness package. Guests can practice yoga & meditation in the gardens & temples adjacent to the resort. 

Package – A minimum of 4 nights stay is required to book the retreat. Indian & international cuisine dishes, wellness consultation, group yoga classes are some of the retreat inclusions. Price starts from 54000 per night depending on the accommodation. 

Go for – 

  • Things to add in your list are Bird-watching, camel safari, Mughal-era forts & cultural performances by local tribals.  
  • Guests can book additional experiences with the stay like a visit to the Sariska Tiger Reserve Pratapgarh

Also Experience – 

  • You can opt for a combined stay with Aman-i-Khas, the sister property of Aman. Aman-i-Khas offers luxurious tents surrounded by pristine wildlife. 
  • Daily jungle safaris are available that give you a lifetime chance to experience the royal Bengal tiger of the Ranthambore National Park. 

Location – Amanbagh is on the foot of Aravalli Hill Range in Ajabgarh, a town in the rural Rajasthan. The Jaipur Sanganer international airport is approx. 100 km or a 2 hours drive away from the resort.  Google Maps


7.Ananda in The Himalayas

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Google- 4.4/5 (993) Tripadvisor –  4.5/5(744 reviews)

  • ananda spa
  • ananda spa india
  • ananda in himalayas

The Resort – Ananda is a world-renowned getaway destination in Uttarakhand, a stunningly beautiful state in north India. 

The resort opened its doors in the year 2000. As the name suggests, the 100-acre resort overlooks the mighty snow-capped Himalaya mountains, the sacred Ganges & the holy Rishikesh town.  

The Retreat  – Ananda’s Dhyana Meditation retreat focuses on mental awareness through meditation. Personal sessions of meditation, Pranayama, yoga, cleansing therapy & traditional soothing therapies compliment this retreat. 

Package – The retreat can be booked for 7,14, or 21 nights. Price starts from 24000 per night for one person. 

Online Sessions – Ananda’s online wellness program comprises of live Hatha Yoga, meditation & consultation sessions that are specifically tailored for user’s needs. Monthly subscription can be booked for live sessions by Ananda’s health experts. 

Go for –  

  • The picturesque view of snowy mountains from the resort’s luxurious rooms is what sets Ananda apart from others. 
  • Rediscover yourself with the modern international therapies combined with ancient healing methods which make their wellness programmes truly unique.  
  • The 100-acre Maharaja’s Palace Estate provides you with a royal stay & an elegant experience.

Also Experience – 

  • River rafting, jungle safari, camping, extravagant landscapes & a lot of adventurous activities is what the city is known for. 
  • Witness the beautiful climate, chilly Himalayan winters, dense Sal forests, the spirituality of Rishikesh & the peaceful atmosphere at the holy Ganges river. 

Location – The nearest domestic airport is Dehradun which is about 25 km away from Ananda. The nearest international airports are Chandigarh & Delhi airports. By road travel time from Chandigarh & Delhi is 6 & 8 hours respectively.  Google Maps


8.Carnoustie Wellness Resort 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Google – 4.3/5 (429 reviews) Tripadvisor – 4.5/5 – 304 reviews 

  • carnousite wellness
  • carnousite wellness resort

The Resort – 

One of the best things about Kerala is the palm beaches & blissful backwaters – a nature’s wonder & a beautiful gift in God’s own country. Carnoustie sits along the Alappuzha backwaters in Alappuzha district of south Kerala. It offers world-class wellness facilities along with an extensive menu of holistic treatments & highly qualified specialists.

The Retreat – 

Renew yourself away from stressors as you heal yourself in this luxury wellness resort. 

Few types of meditation you can practise here are 

  • Manipura Chakra Meditation, 
  • Yoga Nidra Meditation, 
  • Anti-ageing meditation,
  • Prana mantra marma. 

Yogic kriyas like “Jala Neti” and “Tratak” are practised under supervision along with the different forms of Pranayama like –

  • Bhastrika, 
  • Kapalbhati, 
  • Anulom Vilom, 
  • Sheetali 
  • Prana Pratishtha.  

Package – Price starts from Rs. 22,000 per night as per the accommodation chosen.

Go for –  

  • The luxury cruise or house-boat in the sparkling Alappuzha Backwaters. A visit at the popular temples, churches & Kochi fort is a must.
  • Enjoy the enchanting landscape of Arabian sea & the pristine Marari beach. 

Also Experience – 

  • Few things to add in your list are the Kumarakom bird sanctuary, cultural performance by local artists

Location – Along the Arabian sea coast & far from the city’s busy life, Carnoustie sits in the peaceful Mararikulam village. Cochin international airport is around 80 km far from the resort & takes a 2-hour drive. Google Maps

Visit https://www.carnoustieresorts.com/yoga.php

9.Niraamaya Wellness Retreat

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Google  – 4.3/5(1165 reviews)  Tripadvisor –  4/5(262 reviews)

  • niramaaya retreat

The Resort – Niraamaya resides in the Solan town of Himachal Pradesh in northern India. The 15 acres retreat centre has more than 30 rooms & luxury cottages to accommodate its guests. 

With a unique ambience & the sweeping views of Himachal’s mountains, you enjoy a delightful here. 

The Retreat – Niraamaya’s Mindfulness retreat program is a customized retreat that comprises the use of Pranayama, Yogasanas, healing music, energy healing, the science of mudras, colour & visualization. 

Package – The retreat can be booked for 3 or 5 nights & is valid for a minimum of 5 people. Price starts from 10,000 per night & includes all the amenities. 

Go for – 

  • Niraamaya is in Solan, a beautiful hill station at an elevation of 1550 metres, hence offering its guests a splendid view of the Himalayas snowy mountains & valleys. 

Also Experience – 

  • The British-era Dagshai Jail and Museum is a historical place frequented by tourists. 
  • The Mohan Shakti National Heritage Park is built to promote Vedic sciences & Indian culture. Tourists can enjoy bird watching, archaeological sites, gorgeous landscapes of mountain peaks & more.

Location – The nearest airport from Niraamaya is the Shimla domestic airport. It is located 60 km away from the resort & takes 2 hours travel by road. Chandigarh international airport is located 72 km away from the resort & can be reached in 2 hours by road. 

Visit https://www.niraamaya.com/curative-treatments/mindfulness-program.html

10. Naad Wellness

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Google – 4.4/5(132 reviews) Tripadvisor – 5/5(20 reviews)

  • naad wellness india

The Resort – Naad is located in Sonipat in the Haryana state of North India. Naad offers traditional as well as modern science-based healing therapies in its specialized retreat packages. 

The Retreat – Different forms of guided meditation are conducted under the guidance of Naad’s expert. The Naad De-stress experiential package includes therapeutic yoga, Pranayama, meditation, Yogic Kriyas & wellness consultation. 

Package – The De-stress retreat can be reserved for 5, 7 or 10 nights stay. Price starts from Rs. 16,000 per night as per the accommodation. 

Go for – 

  •  Naad emphasizes on holistic wellbeing by offering more 15 healing therapies along with its curated experiences of customized retreats & disease management programs. 

Also Experience – 

  • The banks of the holy Yamuna river in Sonipat gives you a pleasant atmosphere. 
  • Mughal-era structures like Khwaja Khizr Tomb are major attractions in the city. 

Location – The Delhi international airport is the nearest one to Naad. It takes a 2 hours travel time or a distance of 50 km to reach Naad from the airport. Google Maps

Visit https://naadwellness.com/guided-meditation.php

These were our top picks for you. Heading to a meditation retreat can be a peaceful (and often life-changing) option to redefine yourself. You will be calmer & more stress-relieved than before. 

Each of these retreats is unique in their own way & offers various wellness services. Pick a retreat that fits your wellness goals, travel distance & minimum retreat duration for planning a hassle-free vacation. 

Drop a comment if you think we have missed any retreat & we would love to know which retreat you are selecting.

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