Gearing up for the Festive Season at Atmantan Wellness Centre

After a prolonged period of festivities and celebrations, I was exhausted and earnestly seeking a boost of energy before Diwali preparations began. That is when I stumbled upon Atmantan Wellness Centre. Atmantan is a NABH (National Accreditation Board of Hospitals & Healthcare Providers of India) accredited luxury resort solely dedicated to wellness, healthcare, and fitness. They offer various programmes like Journey through Yoga, Weight Balance, and Ayurveda Panchkarma, which they help select depending on your fitness goals and the doctor’s recommendation. During my research about Atmantan, I chanced upon several celebrity reviews that tainted my perception of it being a superficial place. But I was in for the surprise of my life! As soon as I reached Atmantan, I witnessed the sincerity of the founders and the team towards their guests and the genuineness in helping them achieve their goals holistically and sustainably. 

Therefore, here are my 5 reasons why Atmantan should be on your self-care list too:

  1. The Location

Situated on the banks of Mulshi Lake, Atmantan is easily accessible from Pune & Mumbai. Nestled in the laps of the mighty Sahyadris and blessed with a unique view of the ethereal Mulshi lake, the wellness resort truly provides its guests with an opportunity to heal and grow in nature. But what sets them apart from the rest is that they are located on top of a crystal hill. The energies emitted by these crystals instill positivity in their guests, thus making way for their healing. 

2. Scientific & Doctor-guided Wellness Programmes

Before you embark on your wellness journey with Atmantan, you are required to consult with their doctors, who prescribe you a treatment tailored to your preferences and medical concerns. Their medical team closely monitors your improvement and supports you every step of the way. Additionally, all the wellness programmes are result-oriented and based on thorough scientific research, which increased my trust in them multifold.

3. The Wellness Pavilion

Spread over a vast 42 acres of land, Atmantan houses fitness facilities for everyone. The Wellness Pavilion here houses a world-class gymnasium with state-of-the-art equipment for functional and strength training, and also an indoor and outdoor salt pool that is chemical-free and sure to leave you rejuvenated. They have wet Suites with infra-red saunas and a physiotherapy wing with esteemed medical experts to guide you through your recovery. There’s also a separate wing for wellness therapies like Shirodhara, Tao Chi Nei Tsang Treatment, Hot Stone Therapies, and so much more to ensure that each guest can achieve their fitness goals without any friction.

4. Scrumptious yet Healthy Food

The Dining Pavilion at Atmantan has three restaurants – Vistara, Te Jus, and Chantara, all of which serve lip-smacking spa cuisine. Vistara is their fine dining restaurant serving a variety of salads, sushi, dal khichdi, and chaat, among other delicacies. For people with a sweet tooth, they serve the best cheesecakes!
Te Jus is a juice bar dishing out vibrant fresh juices and fruit concoctions. It would be best to come here before you begin your daily activities or in between them to relish these refreshing drinks.
Finally, Chantara is a barbecue restaurant that ensures you have the best time with sizzling grills, spectacular decor, and the best music!

5. Atmantan Naturals

To make our wellness journey sustainable, they provide us with Atmantan Naturals – formations and products with 100% natural ingredients. These products have ensured that I continue my progress even after leaving the resort and assisted my transition to a healthier lifestyle.

In conclusion, Atmantan delivered what it promised – a complete replenishment of Atma (soul), Mana (mind) & Tann (body). I could see fundamental changes from within, and it evidently reflected in my physical health. I took away so much more than I ever expected from this retreat, and I cannot wait to return to continue my journey to becoming a better, fitter individual.

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