Finally! A Cafe For Your Pets! (And You Too)

2-minute takeaway – 
Cafe Pefe, located in Lokhandwala Complex in Andheri, is the first cafe in India whose guests are pets with their own exclusive food menu and the humans are invited to tag along!

The story – 
Our pets are important members of our family. Yet, they hardly get to celebrate many of our precious events with us. It’s true that being a pet parent in Mumbai is tough. You can’t take your pet to many places for any birthdays or celebratory events. Even the ones that do allow pets, do so only in their outdoor sections. Hence, our pets are often missing from the most precious of our lives’ events and this is a situation that Cafe Pefe wanted to remedy.

What it is –
Cafe Pefe is a place where the guests are the pets and the humans are allowed to tag along. 🤩
It started as an all-service pet salon and store, which still exists on the same property. However, they have built the most beautiful cafe right next door! There is no other place in Mumbai that you can go to with your pets where they are equally welcome and have their own specially curated menu.
They have an outdoor & indoor seating area with pets allowed in both spaces!
The best part – NO CHARGES to visit the cafe and play with the pets present on the property.

Getting there –
Cafe Pefe is located right opposite Ashoka Academy in Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri. It is fairly easy to find and parking is available in the lane.

If you & your furry friend are hungry – 
They have a SEPARATE MEU for PETS! You can order pizza, pasta and even dessert for your bud! As for humans, there’s a cafe & vegetarian food menu with plenty of continental food choices. We recommend the bum-chick-a-bum pizza!

What you can do here – 
It is a completely stress-free zone with Free WiFi, so you can totally carry your laptop and work in a super chill environment.
You can bring your pet so they can learn about social etiquette and make new friends.
Parents can bring their children to the cafe to acclimate them with pets and encourage good behaviour around them if they are planning on adopting.
It is also a safe space in which their children can interact with pets.
You can celebrate your pet’s birthday with a customized cake along with their furry buddies!

What if you don’t have any pets – 
You don’t need to own a pet to visit the cafe. You can walk in with your friends to chill & play with the 4-5 dogs that are already present at the cafe. They are super friendly and love to play!

In conclusion – 
Cafe Pefe might just be the cutest cafe in Mumbai! It has a delicious food menu for pets & humans and has amazing vibes. You can head here with your furry friends, on a date, or with your family/friends for a pawtastic time!

Location: Shop 4-5, Canfield Society, Opposite Ashoka Academy, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053
Price: Rs. 850 for two
Visit for: Cute puppies, Food Menu for Pets, Date, Work, Chilling & an amazing time

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