Treat Yourself at this Purrfect Café for Endless Cat Cuddles, Coffee and More

Cat Cafe Studio – Versova, Andheri

2-minute takeaway – 
Cat Café Studio in Versova, Andheri is a novel concept, and first of its kind in India. It combines a cafe, an art studio and a place where rescued cats can be rehabilitated and given new homes. 

The story – 

There’s nothing that gets us more excited than when people come together for a good cause, and that is exactly what the good folks behind the concept of Cat Café Studio have done. 

Disheartened by the plight of street cats in India, and finding no more space left in their homes to foster any more cats, the founders of Zcyphher (an independent creative agency) decided to start their very own Cat Café, modelled after the cat cafes in Japan. They established their sister organization, The Feline Foundation, from where the rescued and rehabilitated cats arrive at Cat Café Studio to be adopted into their furrever homes!

Getting there – 
Cat Café Studio is located in a quaint lane at Aram Nagar, Versova. Their logo of a cat sitting in a coffee cup is hard to miss when you’re passing through the lane. While there was no designated parking for the cafe, it was fairly easy to find a spot in the lane. Upon entering the cafe, we were greeted by their staff who highlighted the rules of the place and gestured us to take off our shoes and sanitize our hands to get ready for play-time with the cats.

If you’re hungry – 
Cat Café Studio has an outdoor cafe area with delicious baked goods and a food menu with non-veg, veg & vegan options available too! The aroma of loaves of bread and desserts displayed was pleasantly wafting through the cafe. The café has free WiFi and is open every single day of the week!

Playtime –
The play area has around 26 cats, some of which are lounging lazily or sleeping (cats sleep around 12-16hrs a day and we’re not saying we were jealous, but we kinda were). We were introduced to the cats by the CCS Hoomans, the people who look after the cats and ensure that people have a safe and fun experience in the cafe.

Great cause – 
The cats at the cafe come from various backgrounds, some were rescued by the Feline Foundation from the streets of Versova, some others have a rather unfortunate story of abuse or sickness. But all of them are happy to play with humans and use our laps as a nap-time bed.

That’s not all – 
Cat Café Studio has had over 200 successful adoptions since its inception and has a stern and detailed procedure for any CCS cat to be adopted. It just goes to show how much these cats are cared for and loved! However, if you visit the cafe and happen to fall in love with a cat, and, IF it loves you back, you can apply for adoption. However, for any reason, you are unable to take a cat back home with you, you can sponsor your favourite cat in the form of donations.

While there is no entry fee to enter the cat play-area, the proceeds from any food or beverages that are ordered go towards the medical and food expenses of the cats. Cat Café Studio also has an Art Studio, where they are happy to host open mics, comedians, and various artists. 

To sum it up
We are in love with Cat Café Studio. The place has chilled out vibes, the food is delicious and the cats make it an unbelievably relaxing and fun environment to be in. So, the next time you find yourself in Versova, drop by this cafe to chill with friends or complete your work while sipping a latte as a cat comfortably nestles in your lap!

Location: Bungalow No, 63, Harminder Singh Rd, Aram Nagar Part 1, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400061
Price: Rs. 800 for two
Visit for: Great cause, workshops, gigs, standup comedy, food, cats and unlimited cuddles!

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